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Aerospace Suppliers is a rapidly growing industry directory focused on manfacturers and suppliers of aerospace materials, products & services. We have had indepth discussions with sourcing specialists from major aerospace manufactures and one of their key problems was quickly locating and communicating with suppliers of goods and services. Aerospace Suppliers has been created to fulfill that need. We have over 1,200 companies listed companies and we've had over 500,000 supplier inquiries! Register your company to advertise your products and services. enables buyers & engineers to locate products and services quickly and easily.

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You maintain your product and service profile providing instant visibility of new products and services. patent-pending search engine enables sourcing specialists to perform complex searches of the aerospace industry. You can search our supplier base on any or all of the following search criteria:

  • Country
  • State
  • Material specialty: eg. aluminium, titanium, kevlar
  • Product line: eg. actuators, machines parts, seals, adhesives
  • Multiple certifications: eg. ISO9001 & Nadcap (just hold down the cntl key and click on the multiple certifications you're looking for!)
  • Multiple processes & services: eg. 3-axis & heat treat & paint & assembly (just hold down the cntl key and click on the multiple processes you're looking for!)

Register with today to advertise your products & services! You maintain your material, product and service profile giving buyers and engineers instant visibility of new products and services.

To inquire about additional advertising opportunities on this site, please contact us via email at: or phone: (316) 655-8748.

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